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Honey Bee Faerie

Sculpture Number 146



Honeybee was created completely by hand.  No molds were used during her creation, and no molds were taken from her after her creation. She is therefore completely One of a Kind (OOAK), never to be duplicated.



Honeybee was sculpted using Prosculpt polymer clay.  She started life as a sturdy wire skeleton, and once sculpted, baked according to manufacturers specifications to ensure proper strength and durability.  Special attention was paid to her smallest details, including tiny finger and toenails.

Her white inset eyes were hand painted, using heat set oil paints, and glazed for a realistic effect.  Areas of her face and body were also blushed using heat set oil paints, giving her a yellowish hue to resemble a honeybee.  Her face has little black speckles along the sides of her face for decoration.  Her hair is black and yellow mohair, added lock by lock and left wild.  She wears a cute little honeybee hat too!   Her little undies are black and yellow striped, and are not removable.  She also has a few added strips of black  nylon for as a shaw...

Her wings are made from a mixed media and are transparent with yellow areas.  They are also glittered and shimmer in the light!

 Honeybee measures approximately 3 1/4 inches to the top of her head, she is tiny!!  I hope you like her!







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