Baby Kaelyn Michelle

Sculpture Number 139


Kaelyn Michelle was sculpted using Prosculpt polymer clay.  She was sculpted inside of a real egg, and baked according to manufacturers specifications to ensure proper strength.  Kaelyn's skin was blushed with heat set oil paints for added realism.  She has wisps of light auburn Tibetan mohair.  Her little wings are made of wire and angelina film, and are not removable.  Her egg was colored with teal shimmery paint, and glossed.  The inside of her egg is lined with teal glitter.  Included in her auction is a cute little teal basket, lined with pink marabou feathers.  Kaelyn  can be placed inside of the basket, or as you can see in the pictures she sits lovely on a flat surface.

 Kaelyn and her egg measure approximately 2 1/2 inches.   Her basket is about 5 1/2 inches high and 3 1/2 inches wide.

 (Adrian ~ the little boy ~ is not included in this auction).



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Little Adrian is not included in the auction  :)

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